Yes,‭ ‬I want to join the Foundation in‭ ‬Keeping Education A Priority

When you join the Sedalia School District Foundation as an Alumni and Friend of the Foundation member,‭ ‬your dues support the CONNECTIONS newsletter as well as providing multiple innovative opportunities to students in the Sedalia School District.

Annual dues:‭  ‬$20 Or eliminate annual renewal notices by becoming a Lifetime Member:‭ ‬$250

Click on the‭ “‬Add special instructions to the seller‭” ‬icon when donating
and type in if you are joining as an Alumni member or Friend of the Foundation member
(Alumni members:‭ ‬please include class year and maiden name in instructions.‭)

About the Foundation

The Sedalia School District Foundation provides a wide variety of services for the Sedalia School District‭ ‬#200‭ ‬students,‭ ‬educators,‭ ‬alumni,‭ ‬and patrons.

  • The Foundation provides a conduit for giving that can support innovative school projects.
  • The Foundation administrates existing scholarships and the creation of new scholarships for Sedalia School District‭ ‬200‭ ‬students.
  • The Foundation produces the CONNECTIONS newsletter to communicate with educators,‭ ‬alumni and supporters of our local school system.
  • The Foundation enthusiastically supports the hardworking teachers of Sedalia School District‭ ‬#200.
  • The Foundation manages a mailing list of Smith-Cotton High School alumni and can provide information to reunion organizers.‭