SCHS 9th flexible seating

Students in Stacey Steinkhuler’s class at Smith-Cotton High School use flexible seating purchased with a Sedalia School District Foundation mini-grant.

This is where students sit that want/need extra help. It has come in handy when writing papers. Sometimes though, kids just sit there--because this is where we laugh, talk about their music and video games I have never heard of, and collaborate with the Link Leader Commissioners.  It is rewarding to see students coming to class early so that they can get the seat they want. It's great to see them comfortable and want to learn! Thanks again for this great opportunity. You guys are great!”

The Sedalia School District Foundation’s vision is to provide SSD #200 students with innovative opportunities to help them reach their full potential and become productive, valued members of the community. The annual mini-grant process is just one of the many ways the Foundation reaches out to provide opportunity. Since 2005 the Sedalia School District Foundation has awarded $159,336 in mini-grants to Sedalia 200 educators.

Eight Sedalia 200 teachers recently had their mini-grant applications for classroom enhancements funded by the Sedalia School District Foundation. SSDF President Deidre Esquivel announced the winners at the district’s back-to-school staff meeting on Aug. 22.

The foundation paid out a total $11,038.72 in requests, ranging from Chromebooks to a world globe. The grants that were funded:

  • Language arts teacher Renee Tankersley requested Chromebooks to help elementary-level students for whom English is not their first language to increase their English proficiency.
  • Heber Hunt computer lab instructional assistant Roxann Rowland requested the Math Facts in a Flash program for all of the school’s students in grades 2 through 4. The program provides “targeted, timed practice with immediate corrective feedback to … create a solid foundation for more advanced mathematics,” she wrote.
  • Parkview Elementary art teacher Janice Hargrave requested a cross-curricular program that combines art and science as students study Leonardo da Vinci and his scientific interests.
  • Smith-Cotton High math teacher Jennifer Crane requested graphing calculators that her Dual Credit Basic Statistics students will be able to check out to use in school and at home.
  • S-C High teacher Holli Goodrich requested a world globe for her ninth grade World History classes. “Wall maps and textbook maps are wonderful, however to see a three-dimensional representation of the world makes a different impression in a student’s brains,” Goodrich wrote.
  • Smith-Cotton Junior High math teacher Kaela Reeves requested graphing calculators for her eighth-grade Algebra II students; the calculators also can be used by students taking the ACT exam.
  • SCJH Instructional Technology Specialist Madeline Kempton requested funding for a mobile STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math) lab to help students explore technology to prepare for jobs in healthcare, finance, government, education, and many other disciplines.
  • Sedalia Middle School math teacher Anne Luebbert requested Chromebooks for Math Leveled Learning. She wrote that the technology will be used for daily assessments of student performance that “will immediately demonstrate students who are gaining understanding in specific areas or those who need additional practice.”

SSDF President Deidre Esquivel said that from the inception of the foundation, the board members found value in providing teachers with additional resources for learning. “Who would know better how to engage our students than the teachers and staff themselves? So we started talking to them, finding out what their needs were, and sort of built a program around that,” she said. “We enjoy seeing the grant requests each year and following up with them later in the classroom.”

“Our program has continued to grow, with the addition of a second grant period for the 2018-2019 school year,” Esquivel said. “The foundation is fortunate to have the support of our school district, community, and alumni that allows our mini-grant program to continue to thrive.”

Sedalia School District Foundation Mini-Grant Application for SSD #200 teachers and staff

SSDF Mini-Grant Information Sheet 2018-2019

SSDF Mini-Grant Application

Grant application submissions for the 2018-2019 school year will be divided into two grant periods – Fall and Spring Semester. Awards for Fall semester will be announced in December 2018, Awards for Spring Semester will be announced in May 2019.

Deadlines and Criteria:

Please read the SSDF Mini-Grant Information Sheet for complete criteria and instructions!

  • Fall Semester Grant deadline is October 31, 2018
  • Spring Semester Grant deadline is March 31, 2019.
  • Any Sedalia #200 staff member is eligible to make application.
  • Applicants are required to have made a monetary contribution to SSDF either directly or through the Payroll Contribution program, or be a “Friend of the Foundation” or “Alumni” Member. Contributions of any amount and/or memberships submitted with applications will qualify and be accepted.
  • Mini-Grants should be innovative and creative in nature. Grant requests for reusable materials/supplies will be given priority, but Mini Grants may not be used for textbooks.
  • Mini-Grant applications may be discussed with district administrators for clarification or to explore other funding options. Applications not approved by the administration will not be considered for funding.

Questions about the Mini-Grant Application and Information Sheet should be directed to the Sedalia School District Foundation: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 660-829-2562.

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