Thank you to everyone who came out for the golf tournament which was sponsored for the tenth year by Dugan Paint‭ & ‬Flooring.‭ ‬Thank you to FOX‭ ‬4‭ ‬Kansas City News meteorologist Joe Lauria who promotes charity golf tournaments on his weather forecasts and visited the Foundation tournament.‭ ‬Thank you to our sponsors,‭ ‬some of whom have also supported us every year.‭ ‬Thanks to Bryant Motors for donating the cash prize for the closest to the pins and the winners were Marcia Azan on‭ ‬#7‭ ‬and Paul Curry on‭ ‬#10.‭ ‬The Putting Contest was won by David Baldwin.‭ ‬Congratulations to all our contest winners.


Golf Tournament 2016 JoePuttGolf Tournament2016 OliviaFirst Place Winners and Their Scores for Each Flight:
‭“‬A‭” ‬Flight:‭ ‬Jason Curry,‭ ‬Paul Curry,‭ ‬B.J.‭ ‬Curry,‭ ‬and Joe Doyle‭ (‬55‭)
“B‭” ‬Flight:‭ ‬Nathan Raetz,‭ ‬Brandon Hartman,‭ ‬Brendan Eisenmenger,‭ ‬and John Benson‭ (‬61‭)
“C‭” ‬Flight:‭ ‬Jim Sparks,‭ ‬John Zelazek,‭ ‬Bob Ahring,‭ ‬and George Bullard‭ (‬65‭)
“D‭” ‬Flight:‭ ‬Sam Ditzfeld,‭ ‬Tim Barnes,‭ ‬Austin Mullins,‭ ‬and Brandon Hurt‭ (‬69‭)

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